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Starcks Shirt

[MEMORABILIA] Starcks Shirt

→ Whether you are a connoisseur of football watched or that you are also a football connoisseur, now you can have your Starcks signed game shirt.

We have made our game shirts in high quality technical fabrics so that you can wear our t-shirt at any time of the day and feel even more part of the 3.0 community of Serie A fans.

Do you play sports and exercise regularly? Wear your brand as a fan 3.0! Do you prefer football watched? Well… then make yourself comfortable on the sofa, put on our t-shirt and cheer together with Starcks!

One IMPORTANT thing: after you have converted your credits into an official Starcks t-shirt, you will need to follow the instructions in the Purchases section of your profile in order to redeem it!

2,000.000 STK
50,000 Credits
Availability: 65