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Starcks Trophy

[MEMORABILIA] Starcks Trophy

→ Are you really a “Starcksnado? Not until you've redeemed your license plate within the Star Experience!

Why do we call it the "founder edition"? Very simple: we believe that Starcks was born from your and the entire community's boundless passion for football and the world of web 3.0. For this reason, you are a founder for us... But we want you to be able to show it to whoever you want and that's why we have prepared your plate, all for you!

What are you waiting for to redeem it?

One IMPORTANT thing: after transforming the credits into your founder edition license plate, remember that to obtain it you will have to follow the instructions in the Purchases section of your profile!

5,000.000 STK
150,000 Credits
Availability: 16